The Cheviot originated in the Cheviot Hills, on the border of England and Scotland. Recognised as a hardy sheep as early as 1372, Cheviots did well in those bleak, windswept conditions, with their strong constitution, easy lambing, and a well-developed mothering instinct. The South Country Cheviot or ‘Southie’ can today be found as far north as Sutherland to Dorset and Somerset in the south, with increasing numbers in Wales which are being pure-bred.

DRAMINSKI Pregnancy Detector for sheep and goats

Effective and early pregnancy detection. A portable and very easy to use device for fast pregnancy detection or exclusion.

Indispensable on every breeding farm

Ultrasound Pregnancy Tester is invaluable help in modern breeding. The detector provides maximum help for breeders, advisers and veterinarians in making an accurate diagnosis that confirms or excludes pregnancy.


  • diagnosis effectiveness close to 100%,
  • early diagnosis of pregnancy helps to separate pregnant females from sterile ones,
  • fast organization of animal groups reduces irreparable financial losses,
  • the highest efficiency of an early diagnosis helps to make the right decisions when organising breeding.

Principle of operation

The detector determines pregnancy by locating amniotic fluid in the uterus. It uses the phenomenon of ultrasonic wave reflection. When pressed to the animal’s skin, the probe sends an ultrasound beam which is reflected from uterine horn filled with fluid and returns to the probe, causing a change of signal generated by the device. An optimum day of examination depends on the animal species and is calculated from the date of mating or insemination. It is necessary to repeat the test at an optimum date, if a very early pregnancy was checked.